Birchfields Primary School

  1. Reading at Home - Year 4

Reading At Home

Reading at Home using Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader program runs alongside our reading sessions and is used to increase accuracy in reading comprehension and to promote reading for pleasure. Children read at home everyday. They choose their own book from a diverse and exciting range of books in classrooms. We use a reading program called Accelerated Reader which assesses the children and gives them an individual level from which to choose a book. This is called a ZPD and each half-term, children’s ZPD is written in their homework planner. We use this ZPD to give children a reading target for their reading at home.

When a book is finished, children complete a short quiz, using the Accelerated Reader computer program. Passing the quiz is an indication that children have understood the book and contributes to their half-termly reading target. Reading is monitored using homework planners and progress towards targets. We celebrate children who achieve their reading target each half term. Children can also take quizzes on books that have been read to them, e.g. by parents and teachers. 

While we continue to teach the skills of reading in class through reading texts and whole class texts, the Accelerated Reader books chosen by your child will provide them with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have developed.