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Our Eco Warriors


At Birchfields, we achieved our Eco Schools status in 2023. We have a wonderful team of enthusiastic 'Eco Warriors' to help us achieve our goal. The team consists of eighteen children; one child from each class from Years 1-6.  The children were voted onto the team by their classmates after completing a piece of homework about why they would be the best candidates for the job.

The Eco Council Team is run by Mrs Glackin, our school Geography Lead and Key Stage 2 teacher. The team aims to meet once a month to learn ways to make Birchfields a more environmentally friendly setting and to promote our work to the rest of the school.

To achieve our Eco Schools status we look at ten areas set out by Eco Schools. These areas are: Biodiversity, Energy, Global Citizenship, Healthy Living, Litter, Marine, School Grounds, Transport, Waste and Water. The Eco Council works with the rest of the school and the wider school community to make small changes in order to make Birchfields as clean and green as possible.