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Year 6 are leaving :(

It's our final week...


Thank you for all your hard work!  

We're here to say farewell...

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Thursday 16th July 2020

Maths: continue yesterday's puzzles

Wednesday 15th July 2020

Tuesday 14th July 2020

Monday 13th July 2020

Have you seen comet Neowise? Try looking north tonight. Read more here

Here's a photo from Mr Lang's little brother:

Jupiter and Saturn are also clearly visible. They look like two bright stars. Here's my photo, and then some better ones someone took through a telescope with their phone! 

Onto today's lessons... more space for Reading, an assessment in Maths (a version for children at home and a version for school) and some text mapping in English. 

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Find a book to do a quiz on like this:  

Go to the AR Bookfinder website (click above).


Sort by Book Level. 


This puts them in order with the lowest level first.

There are 50 pages - type a page number to find higher level books (eg Level 4 books start on page 44). 


Now go to the myON site and find the book using the search box!


Click here once you have finished to do a quiz!

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