Google Classroom Help


How do I send a picture with my laptop? 

Most work we ask for is in Google Docs.

Sometimes we want you to send us a photo. The easiest way is using the Google Classroom app, but some of you just have a laptop (see below).

You need to use Google Chrome, and search the web store for OKIOCAM Snapshot and Recorder. 

More instructions here: 

How do I hand in work? 

You must HAND IN your work so we know you have done it. 

In your assignment, you will find this button. 


You can +ADD OR CREATE  a Google Doc if you are on a laptop and send us your work in that way. 


You can +ADD OR CREATE a FILE to upload a photo, but this only works if the photo is on your computer. Otherwise, you need to see below. 



Take a photo on the phone. Make sure the phone has the Google Classroom APP. Sign in. Find the work and add the photo as a file when you hand it in.