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Can I reasearch Bletchley Park?

Recently, we have been learning about Bletchley Park, whilst you are home learning please continue with this. This will really help you with understanding how significant this still is. 


Please research and answer the questions to help you with your computing unit. It is such a fascinating subject.

reasearch and put your ansers in your home learning book.



Whilst at home please use what you have learnt at school in computing to help you with your home learning. Look out for new computing challenges. Have fun and don't forgot to share your work at @BirchfieldsPS #homelearningBPS

Mrs Kemp 


Challenge 1: Can you use paint on your computer to complete this task? 


Challenge 2 : Can you paint a toy?

Are you ready for the next Computing task ? Here's something a little different for you to try, KS2 try both the research and the task. KS1 try drawing using shapes only! 

Challenge 3:



Challenge 4

Year 3 and 4 Can you remember your coding lesson? Can you remember what happens if you use these codes?

Could you make your own word search using computing words?

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Challenge 5

How are you doing with Scratch ? I've been learning to take a sprite around a maze. Can you do the same ?

Challenge 6

Can you write some instructions to direct a member of your family around a room in your house?  Imagine they are a robot and have to find some treasure...but they can only use your instructions. This makes you a programmer. Good luck.

Challenge 7

Can you complete and answer the next Scratch challenge?


Challenge 8 Can you answer this?

Challenge 9

Here's another challenger using  Scratch : Have you managed the others yet?

Have fun with it.

Challenge 10

Can you use Microsoft Publisher and write and illustate a story or perhaps a diary of what you have been doing at home during your brain breaks.

I've been knitting, crocheting and am going to try to make a material teddy bear.

What have you been up to? Have you learnt anything new?

Show on twitter or email, show me your computer skills !

Challenge 11

Challenge 12

Challenge 13 : Can you find the mistakes, perhaps you could write your own instructions to go around some obstacles in your house. Remember to share #HomeLearningBPS or email me at the above address. :-)

Keep In Touch 

Please email us at 

to let us know what you are up to and how you are getting on. You can even send us pictures of your work!



Hi everyone,

Hope you've had a good Christmas break, hope you are all safe and well.

Please  keep up with your on line learning, read, read and read!! There are many stories you can find on the internet.

Find a story, read it then see if you can draw or write about it on your computer.


In the meantime, have a look at the barefoot address before, get a memeber of your family to sign up for some free activities.

See link below.

Can you remember to touch type ? It's a really important skill to have.

Use this website to help you and don't forget to let me know how you're getting on.


NASA Kids club: fancy some space coding challenges, try the link below.

Be a SCaN :Space Communication and Navigation programme needs your help!


Check out this activity book : some great activities in it, including some computer activities.


Looks great to me, let me know how you get on.



Follow Kara,Winston and the SMART Crew on their adventures online.


HEY EVERYONE...How's the home learning going? Remember to tweet or email your work so we can share your achievements.


Can't wait to see them all.

EYFS : Please use to find some exciting puzzles to complete on your computer.

KS1 : Use the BBC Bitesize website to help you keep updated with your computing skills


KS2 : There are some fantastic resources for you to access on

This is BBC bitesize, there is work on computing science, information technology and IT. plenty to keep those computing skills sharp!


Scratch : Remember if you have internet access, you can do this online.

Enjoy it, I'm having fun following the tutorials...would love to see! 


I hope you're keeping up with your home learning. I hope you're having fun with your computing too.

How about trying some more coding. Try using this website for some more tutorials...there are even tutorials for your parents too.


Have fun, Mrs K x

Here is a link to 20 learning apps that you will enjoy whist you're off.

Enjoy and have fun with them and don't forget to email or tweet to let me know how you're getting on.


Fancy having a go with BLOCKLY, go on, try it :







Have fun and keep those computing skills going,


Mrs K x



Look out for the next challenges : some for KS1 and some for year 3/4...can't wait to share them!

So, here are some lessons for KS1, although it would be lovely to see some of you older children having a go!

Remember you can email me, or tweet your work, would be awesome to see it.

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Here's some challenges, in a series of five lesson for Year three upward. Hope you enjoy them.

Here are some lessons to help you with GOOGLE SITE SKILLS.....have a go!

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