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Wednesday 10th June 2020

Where are the days going? We are almost in the middle of June!


It was lovely to welcome some more children into school this week and see them doing their Home Learning at school! Year 1 children had a chance to watch the baby squirrels with their mum in the Trim Trail Quad as well as doing lots of exciting activities in their classroom.


Like lots of people in Lockdown, I have been doing lots of quizzes to keep me busy in the evenings.  I have found out some really interesting things!


Did you know that hippos have webbed feet? This is because they spend a lot of their time in water.  However they are bad swimmers and move through the water mainly by jumping!  Watch this video to find out more about hippopotamuses - they really are fascinating creatures.

So what interesting facts have you learned this week so far?  Have you got any new facts that might surprise your family.  Have a think about your Home Learning or google 'interesting facts for children' and you will be able to amaze your family at meal times today.  Have a go!


Lots of love for now,

Mrs Campbell x

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Good morning everyone


So this week's PSHE is about getting enough sleep at the right time.I am just like many of you out there - too many late nights in the past few weeks so getting back into a good routine is tricky business.


I am going to keep a sleep/bedtime log for the next week to see if I can help myself to get better sleep and feel more lively and alert in the morning.  


So last night I went to sleep at 1.00am and got up at 7.00 am which means I had 6 hours sleep which is NOT enough! Tonight I am promising myself an early night and I will keep you updated.


Why don't you try the same.  With all your home learning to do, plus daily exercise it is better to be up in the morning and getting on with things to be in a good routine.  Let me know what happens!


Lots of love

Mrs Campbell x

Monday 25th may 2020


Good afternoon everyone


Hope your Eid celebrations were amazing and you had lots of yummy food to eat.


Now there is no work for you to do this week, have a go at the latest competition below!


Lots of love


Tuesday 19th May 2020


Well I've got a very exciting quiz for you today!  The staff at school get to see you looking young but do you ever get to see us looking young? No! So lets make that equal!


Below is a gallery of 55 photos for you to guess who they are - babies or toddlers from when the staff were a lot younger.  Have a go and let me know how hard you think it is!


Love from Mrs Campbell x



Thursday 7th May 2020



Another glorious day outside but some of the grown ups from school have said that they are worried that families are not going outside for fresh air and exercise.  YOU ARE ALLOWED to go for a walk with your family as long as you stay 2 metres away from anyone else.

So my challenge to you today, whilst the sun is shining so brilliantly, is to go out and make a daisy chain!



It's really easy.  These are the instructions.  You could use dandelions if you can not find enough daisies.

Have a go and email me your photos at:


Lots of love for now x

Monday 4th May 2020


Good morning everybody


Your Thought of the Day for this lovely bright Monday is about being positive and resilient, even when things go wrong.  Last week I promised to be resilient and paint Lucy's bedroom (I really didn't want to!) but we did it together and now its all finished! 

Watch this video - a little boy who was born without a leg.  He explains how he keeps positive everyday and what he is thankful for.


Have a think about what you are thankful for - if it's a person then tell them.  It will make their day so happy.


Bye for now,

Lots of love x

Wednesday 29th April 2020


Good morning everybody


So the weather has definitely changed this week hasn't it? Looking out of my kitchen window right now and it seems rather gloomy so much that I am wrapped up in a jumper.  But never mind! We are resilient aren't we - look at our little friend here - he's not letting anything stop him!


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I am so inspired by him! This evening, when all my work is done I am going to help Lucy paint her bedroom instead of watching the TV! We will be resilient and have perseverance! What will you do today to show resilience?


Lots of love,

Mrs Campbell x



Monday 27th April  2020

Welcome to another week of Home Learning.  Its so important we keep up with our school work and you can find all your English, Maths and Project  work for the week on your year group page. Don't forget to do your PSHE lesson this week and check the Thought of the Day every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


On top of this remember to send in your Monster entry to the competition - Amazon vouchers to be won!


Last week it was my mum's birthday and I am very lucky that I live in the same street as her, only 3  houses away.  So I was able to  bake her a cake and leave it on her doorstep.  Here it is - it really isn't perfect at all but she loved it because it took a lot of time for me and Lucy to bake it and we really did try hard.



I wonder if you can all remember our lessons that we had on Growth Mindset?  There are 2 kinds of mindset - growth and fixed. I am definitely having a growth mindset with this cake:

I am not an amazing cake baker YET!

We tried really hard and someone was grateful!

We had so much fun making the surprise for her!

Lucy and I have started to learn something together!

I think Razina and Percy would be proud of us!

What are you learning to in lockdown that is difficult for you? Are you showing resilience and perseverance? Let me know what you have been doing.


Lots of love,

Mrs Campbell




Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Hi guys


Did you all see the Easter winners on Twitter?  Here they are if you missed them!  Congratulations to all these children - your vouchers are on their way.




Muntaha- Blue


Amelia- Mrs Shahzad

Year 1

Hafsa Z 1CM

Year 2

Fahmid 2CS

Year 3

Sameena 3sa

Year 4

Anayah 4NR 

Year 5

Muzzamil 5MK 

Year 6

Hawa 6EH 



Look at the top of this page - you can see some new links to mindfulness and yoga - relax today and have a go.  Remember we need to keep our minds healthy as well as our bodies.


Lots of love


Mrs Campbell x



Tuesday 21st April 2020


Good, sunny morning to you all


Hey I had a thought yesterday - with some help from some friends - why don't YOU send me videos of you saying the important Stay Home message in home languages?  Did you see mine yesterday?  Wow Arabic was very very difficult for me.  Have a go at your own and put them on Twitter or email to me at the email address above.


It would be sooooo lovely hearing and seeing your faces on video!


Lots of love 

Mrs Campbell


Monday 20th April 2020


Good morning everybody


Well this is the start of the Summer term, and the weather definitely matches that!

You have your new home learning on your year pages as well as your PSHE lesson for this week.  You will also see Thought of the Day on your pages which I will change every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


As part of your Home Learning I would like you to design a poster(in any language)in your books.  Please send me photos of your work on my email address:

Look at my Twitter post - I've been trying really hard at trying to say things in different languages.  Can you learn to say something in a different language today?


Lots of love

Mrs Campbell




 Wednesday 15th April 2020


Good morning everybody!


Its great to be back! Thank you to everyone who has kept Twitter going with lovely photos of all the activities that you have done at home.  I've had a few emails too which brighten up my days.  I miss school so much - I will never ever complain about having to get up early and drive down the motorway to see everyone!


What do you miss the most?  Playing on the field in this sunshine would be awesome wouldn't it? I hope you are all getting out in the sunshine for some exercise - we all need our vitamin D from the sun and I'm getting so much at the moment.


Did you see my photo that I put on Twitter today?  Joe, my son who is 20, was moaning about being bored so I asked him to design me a poster about being safe.  Its colourful!


There are lots of posters out there on the Internet at the moment but most of them are in English - we have so many languages at school that you speak at home, let's try to get as many posters as possible in as many different languages as possible! I am not a great artist (as many of you know) so my challenge is to learn to say some of the important messages of the poster in different languages!  Give me a few days to practise though!


Email me and send me your loveliness!


Ciao for now,

Mrs Campbell x


Click the image to start the search for Bernard!

Saturday 4th April 2020

Good afternoon everybody,


Here are the Rainbow winners:



Raef Nursery Green


Aesha Reception, Miss Ward

Year 1

Shahzaib 1ES

Year 2

Samarah 2CS

Year 3

Inaaya 3DH

Year 4

Alesia 4EC

Year 5

Milad (5JL)

Year 6

Shahbaz (6ML)


Well done to you guys, Amazon vouchers are on the way.  See below for some of your entries - aren't they gorgeous?

A big thank you to every child who entered, you definitely brightened up our days!

Now get busy everyone with the Easter Egg competition! Send your entries to your teachers (or me) and tweet them using @BirchfieldsPS and using hashtag BPSegghunt


Lots of love for now,

Mrs Campbell x



Friday 3rd April 2020


Happy Friday everyone. 

Did you see my Tunnel of Love video that I put on Twitter?  Here it is again underneath.  I've also been watching Mr Pickering's very comical Toilet Roll video and Miss Coleman's really enchanting animation. It has made me miss all the people from Birchfields so much - its such a long time since we all were together. But every day is one step nearer being back to normal and being surrounded by the people we love.


Have a think about your most favourite memory of the people at Birchfields and be grateful for the school family that we have got.  Hang on to your memories in the holidays and we are here on email if you need us.


Take care, be safe and kind, stay at home.


Lots of love for now,

Mrs Campbell


Thursday 2nd April 2020

Morning everyone

So my first name is Greek and means 'Defender of Mankind' - I quite like that! Can you guess whose names are connected to these meanings?


  1. Meaning is industrious, hardworking, busy.  A clue: she is in year 4 and in year 6 but not at the same time!
  2. Meaning is noble and kind.  A clue: she is in year 1 and loves growing and making things.
  3. Meaning is beautiful and can refer to a lake in Scotland.  A clue: she works in years 5 and 6 and has her own reading and spelling group.
  4. Meaning is coming from a bold family and wanting to be perfect.  A clue: she loves her Sunshine Room.
  5. Meaning is God is my Judge.  A clue: he is in year 3.
  6. Meaning is distinct and special.  A clue: she is in reception and has a little boy called Sami.
  7. Meaning is a flower.  A clue: she is in nursery and loves to ride her bike to school.
  8. Meaning is the follower.  A clue: he is in year 5 and likes music.
  9. Meaning is a gift grom God.  A clue: he plays a mean guitar in his lovely room.
  10. Meaning is a warrior.  A clue: we have two of them, one in EYFS and the other in years 1/2.  They love to help us.
  11. Meaning is listener.  A clue: she loves rabbits (that's very easy isn't it!)

Find the meaning of your own name and those of your family.  Type in 'meaning of name ......' into your search bar and lots of answers will come up.


Email me what you find out!


Lots of love,

Mrs Campbell x








Wednesday 1st April 2020


Good morning - I thought I would carry on with some art appreciation today.  Look at this piece of art - year 1 might recognise the style of it and guess who the artist is (think about your self portraits you did for the Tunnel of Love in the corridor at school).

So the artist is Andy Warhol.  He created it in 1962.  There were 32 little pictures all next to each other as if they were on a supermarket shelf!  In those days there were 32 different flavours of soup and each little tin has a different flavour on it. Each small canvas was hand-painted Warhol loved Campbell's soup and used to have it for his lunch every day for 20 years!


I love finding out information about famous artists and artwork. Today I discovered that Andy Warhol was not allowed to go the Art Club at school because he was too good! That wasn't very kind was it?  In fact we would call that exclusion (being left out) wouldn't we at school?  Where's the equality in that!


Have a look at this famous painting - it's called 'The Starry Night' - what can you find out about it and who painted it.

Email me what you find out on


Lots of love for now x


✱ ✱ ✱

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Good morning everybody


I was looking through this book this morning - it's very old but there is a lot of famous artwork that I would like to see one day. There are 960 pages so I find something I have not seen before every time I pick it up. 



I love this picture by Henri Matisse - the colours are so vibrant!

When Henri Mattisse became sick he changed the way he did art and did collages using paper cut-outs.  Watch this video about his art.  I don't know about you, but I like it when I am shown what to do step-by-step when it comes to artwork because I'm not very confident.  Have a go at creating something in the style of Henri Matisse and send me your photos at:


Have a busy day.  Stay safe.  Be kind.


Lots of love,

Mrs Campbell x


✱ ✱ ✱

Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning everybody


The sky is very grey today isn't it?  So we have decided to keep our Rainbow competition going until Friday.  Come on guys, we need some rainbows to brighten up our streets! Remember, there are Amazon vouchers to win so get creating!


I was looking at Twitter at the weekend and saw some lovely diary entries from Birchfields children.  Made me think about history - we are in the middle of a major historic event aren't we? Children in many years time will learn about Covid 19 in their schools and they will read diary entries to help them understand what it was like for us.Diaries are so important for history! So why not have a go at writing down what your days are like at the moment - or you could draw a picture of the things you are doing at home and the things you are missing. 


I would draw my mum and son Joe who I can't see and Birchfields' children and staff because I miss them all so much. On the other hand I would draw Lucy, my daughter, my drums, jigsaws and my laptop which I am using a lot at the moment.  Oh, I would also include the neighbours' cats because many of them seem to visit me quite often!

Watch the video about the Great Fire of London (a very big historic event) and you will see that we know lots about it because of some diaries that were written hundreds of years ago.  Get recording your thoughts and feelings -you never know, you may become an important diarist one day!


Lots of love from Mrs Campbell



✱ ✱ ✱

Friday 27th March 2020


Good morning guys,


Inspired by the artwork from my nephews (thanks, Josh and Isaac), this weekend I thought we would run a competition called:

Birchfields Rainbows


Send your brightest, most colourful and cheerful rainbows to me by email

or to your teacher. 


Alternatively you could tweet them and tag


and use the #BirchfieldsRainbow hashtag.

We will announce the winner on Monday and they will receive Amazon vouchers to spend on anything they like!

Have a busy day guys, brightening up our world with rainbows!


Love from,

Mrs Campbell x 

✱ ✱ ✱

Thursday 26th March 2020


Good morning everybody


Whist watching the cherry blossom tree in my garden I was inspired to do a little bit of meditation.  I imagined being in a meadow surrounded by trees and flowers and just being able to hear birds sing.  It helped me feel calm and peaceful.



Have a look at this YouTube video that will help you do a similar thing and do some meditation at home.  You could do it at bedtime - it may help you sleep. 


Let me know if you give this a go.  Email me on:

I'm desperate to hear from you all!


Love for now,

Mrs Campbell


✱ ✱ ✱

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Good morning, everyone


My sankalpa today is to be grateful for things around me - and I am very thankful for the sunshine on this very beautiful and bright afternoon.


I've not had a great deal of energy today so I was looking for something more gentle to do.  Check out YouTube video below of children doing Tai Chi - it's a great way to stretch and be active!  In Chinese it means 'Supreme Ultimate Boxing' but is is very slow and controlled movements, it doesn't look like boxing to me!


Email me if you have a go and with any other news.  I miss school and all the amazing children and staff.


Keep safe everyone.




✱ ✱ ✱

Monday 23rd March 2020

Good morning, Birchfielders!


Another lovely sunshiney day!  Hope you have all checked the work set for you today and are getting stuck in.

I was doing some emails in my house with the door open and Charlie, my neighbour's cat, came to say hello.  How gorgeous is he? He is sunbathing next to my drum kit! 

Watch this YouTube video on how to make musical instruments at home - let me know on my email address what you manage to produce!



Keep safe, work hard and be kind to your families.


Lots of love,

Mrs Campbell

✱ ✱ ✱

Saturday 21st March 2020

Good morning, everybody!

Good news - I finished my jigsaw and named all the birds in it! Well, Miss Rees did. Here is a photo. 



My challenge today is to remember all the names and try to recognise them from pictures. How many can you remember in 30 seconds? Look out of your window now - can you see any birds? I can still see bees!


Don't forget to email - send me facts about birds if you have any. I've just found out that ostriches have the largest eyes of any land animals and they are bigger than their brains!


Keep safe and busy and be kind to your families.

Lots of love,

Mrs Campbell x

✱ ✱ ✱

Hey everyone!


I will update my Room later (my laptop has just died!!) but I have a new email address which is just for children if you want to get in touch with me. Just say hi, start a chat, ask for help, tell me your news, or whatever you want!


Don’t forget to tell me whose class you are in.

The address is:


Send me emails, children!


Bye for now


✱ ✱ ✱

Friday 20th March 2020


Good afternoon, everybody (I imagined you all saying that to me in assembly!).


Today I have been talking to some of the teachers who are still in school and watching the bees in my garden. Unfortunately, some of them have been trapped inside, so I have been giving them sugar water to give them energy.



I have ordered a butterfly net so I can help them escape less dramatically next time and make sure I don't hurt their wings... Mr Bradley would be(e) proud of my bee mission!

I've not managed to finish my jigsaw yet, as my little helper, Lucy, is concentrating on her college work. 

However, with the help of Ms Rees and one of my friends, I have nearly identified all of the birds. 


I'm going to go for a walk today in the sunshine, and try to get some exercise. 


Send me some emails to tell me what you're up to. Keep safe. 


Lots of love, 


Mrs Campbell 

✱ ✱ ✱

Thursday 19th March 2020

Hi guys!

I am missing my room so much that I thought I would have a virtual room so I can stay in touch with you all. This is my fourth day away from school and I am keeping busy with lots of things.  Your learning pages look fantastic so I hope you are all getting stuck into some work and using your work books.


This is a jigsaw that me and Lucy have started.  There are 1000 pieces so its really difficult, but its been fun doing it together.  Have you got any jigsaws to do? I am going to try to learn the names of all these birds today when its finished.


My sankalpa for the day is to keep going (with the jigsaw) even when things are tricky and not give up.  I am going to be Percy and have some perseverance!


I will be here tomorrow and tell you all about my bee mission. Keep safe everyone and keep showing kindness.


Love from

Mrs Campbell x