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It's very important to stay mentally and physically healthy while at home.

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3/4/20- Good morning! Its the last day for this half term, we can do this! I am looking forward to the Joe Wicks fancy dress work out today. Don't forget the last day of the Alphabet Bingo, today's word is INTEGRITY and do the wake up shake up for the last time this week. Your challenge today is races. Check out the video below. Have a good day.

2/4/20- Namaste- Good morning. Its fresh outside but lovely, today why not try some yoga, it helps you stretch and more importantly its great mindfulness. I will add a goggle docs with some images of yoga moves on as well.  Just click on it. Today's alphabet Bingo is WARM-UP and don't forget the wake up shake up dance.

Have a good day x 

1/4/20- APRIL FOOL, pinch,punch, first of the month . Good morning everyone , 3 more days of home learning for this half term. Todays challenge is wake-up-shake-up, Alphabet bingo the word of the day is BREATHE and then today have a go at playing musical statues with your family. Choose your favourrite songs and have some fun. Have a good day x

31/3/20- Week 2 Day 2- throwing and catching challenge. Good morning I hope you are feeling well. I have been for a run this morning I stopped to watch a woodpecker, pecking a tree. It was facinating, and made my day. Todays alphabet bingo word is MOTIVATE. Please try out the wake-up-shake-up dance again today. Todays challenge is the game 7s.

find a wall.

7- throw and catch

6- throw, bounce, catch

5- bounce on the floor

4- bounce, bat with your hand, catch

3- throw under your leg, catch

2- throw, spin your arms, catch

1- throw, turn around and catch!

good luck x

30/3/20- Week 2 Day 1- dribbling challenge

Good morning, I hope you had a good weekend. I went for a run on Saturday and went for a long cycle ( on a turbo in my house!) on Sunday. I also watched some films at the same time as some friends in another house and chatted about the films on the phone, which was fun. I cooked lasagna and baked a banana cake.

It would be lovely to hear your news too,  email me. 

Please watch today's challenge video, try the new wake-up-shake-up video and complete the word AGILITY from the alphabet bingo google docs challenge. 

Keep active and keep busy x

27/3/20- Day 5 juggling challenge! Good morning everyone, we have almost made it through a week of home learning. Well done. Remember to keep active, play games, help at home and respect each other.

Juggling is a really tricky challenge but it feels great when you can do it, it takes dedication and motivation to crack it, but as I always say 'Practise makes perfect' Good Luck. Please send in some videos or email me about your progress.

keep safe xx

26/3/20- Good morning , it is another beautiful day. I have been for a 40 minute run (my one journey from the house today) along the River Mersey, which was lovely. I am ready for the day. Join in with Joe at 9am, complete the word FITNESS on the alphabet bingo and don't forget wake-up-shake-up. I hope you have a good day, keep busy, keep calm and respectful and most of all keep active x

PLEASE EMAIL ME, I would love to hear from you x

 23/3/20-27/3/20 Keep Fit Alphabet bingo 

25/3/20- Good Morning everyone, try and enjoy the sunshine today as the weather is changing tomorrow. Tune into Joe Wicks at 9am the video is posted below it's only a 5 minute work out, a great brain break. Don't forget the daily Wake-up-shake-up, you should be able to remember the moves by now. Today's Alphabet Bingo word of the day is MUSCLE and finally try the ball bouncing challenge set in my daily video below. Please email me, let me know how you are doing. I am missing you all  x

23/3/20- I am thinking of you all, keep strong, keep in and keep each other safe.

Yesterday our Prime Minister has asked us all to stay indoors and only go out for a short walk or run once a day. Its really important for us all to do our little bit to keep each other safe and follow these new rules. Keep washing your hands and only be around family members who you live with.

Being active is very important. Brain breaks are the best. So every hour between 9am-3pm today do 10 step ups and try the alphabet bingo challenge, the word of the day is RESPECT. Also join in with the wake-up-shake-up video, dancing and music helps you to keep happy. Please keep in touch by emailing Mr Bradley and I would love to hear from you x

Phew - thanks Joe, that was great. I loved the bunny ears and bouncing, we often do that in Nursery. That was a brilliant  start to the day.

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Count to 100 to get fit!

Why do we need to sleep well?

Try some of these gymnastics balances at home, it's good to stretch and keep flexible.