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Breaking news!  Miss Rees is now on twitter @MissReesDragons so you now have another way to show me your work!

Are you missing any resources that would help you with your home learning? Email me a list and maybe I can drop some off after the Easter holidays. 

When we go back to school there will be prizes for the best home learning work so keep aiming high!


Win Amazon vouchers by sending Mrs Campbell a picture of your rainbow art work.  Look at Mrs Campbell's page for more information!

Look below for a daily craft challenge.  Can you work out how to make this?  Email me a picture of your creations.  I'll change the picture every day so you don't run out of ideas!

Have you got Lego at home?  Try making something different each day.  Here are some ideas of what you could make.

Click on these pictures to link to websites that I think will help you with learning at home or that have fun activities to try.

Click on the picture below to go to a website where you can learn to type really fast using all your fingers and without looking!  It takes practice but is a great skill to have!